2021 Bronze Medallion & SRC Course – Aug/Sept

Our 2021/22 Bronze Medallion & Surf Rescue Certificate course will be running prior to the commencement of the patrolling season this year.

We plan to collaborate with our neighbours at Devonport SLSC and Ulverstone SLSC to run a short, intensive course over August and September.

All theory will be completed online, with support provided by way of Zoom sessions, prior to an intensive weekend of training, followed by assessment in the first half of September.

If you’re interested in earning your BM or SRC this year, please complete the form below!

If you have any questions drop our Training Manager, Neil, an email or give him a call on 0466 266 113.


The course is in the planning stage at present, but the plan at present is as follows.

Online Theory – mid-August 2021
Practical Training & Assessment – early September 2021

The online theory will be supported by regular, but optional, Zoom workshops lead by trainers from each of the participating clubs.

You’ll find more information on the courses on the SLSA website:


Any aquatic rescue role requires a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability.

Course participants will be supported through the course to assist them to meeting the required pool swim times prior to any open water training activities.

SRC – 200m in 5mins or less
Bronze – 400m in 9mins or less

Of course, for insurance purposes, you need to be a member of a SLS club.

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If you’re interested in earning your Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate this season, please complete the form below.