Member Communication – Team App

Prior to the start of the last season, the committee agreed that we should transition our member communication platform over to Team App.

Team App provides a number of advantages over Messenger groups:

  • it allows separate discussions about events, training, etc. which ensures that important information isn’t swamped by other news, happy snaps, or repeated questions about lost property.
  • You will receive a notification on your phone when new information is added (you can opt out of this if you wish).
  • it allows our members to opt to receive information that is relevant to them by creating groups for Nippers, Seniors, Patrol Members, etc.
  • it provides a platform for general chat for our members.
  • it provides ready access to our club calendar, filtered for the groups that are relevant to you.
  • you don’t need to type all the training, carnival and events into your calendar because you can subscribe to those calendars so they appear on your phone automatically.

Farewell Messenger - 1 October!

Over the last season we’ve posted information on both the Messenger groups and TeamApp.

At its last meeting, the committee set a deadline of 1 October to transition all of our Messenger group users over to TeamApp.  

After this date, the club will no longer post information to the Messenger groups.

Prior to that date, we ask that you  follow the instructions on this page to download TeamApp to your phone and join Port Sorell SLSC.

You’ll have the option to join the groups that are of interest of value to you:

  • Youth Development – Nippers & Flippers
  • Seniors & Masters
  • Patrol Members
  • Emergency Response Team (by invitation)
  • Facilities & Bar Staff
  • Committees (by invitation)


If you don’t have a smartphone, or would prefer not to download the app, you can access the TeamApp via a web browser.  Any notifications that are sent to the app users, will be emailed to you automatically.

Other communication channels...

TeamApp will generally be used to communicate with specific groups – eg, Nippers announcements, discussions about specific Carnivals, etc.

For non-urgent information that may be of interest to our whole membership, or those in our community, we will continue to publish an e-newsletter.

The e-newsletter is automatically emailed out on Friday afternoons whenever new information has been added to the Noticeboard on our website.

If you have anything that you’d like to see added to the newsletter, please email Neil with some info and, preferably, a photo or two.