Surf Club offers a range of activities for all ages. Children ages 5-7 are able to join flippers, a group held by volunteers that provide fun educational games about water safety, first aid etc. Flippers receive a Surf Play 1 & 2 certificate. Please note that the flippers age group relies heavily on parent help, a parent must be with their child during all flipper water activities
Children ages 8 above are able to join nippers, where they can choose to train for fun or get involved in statewide competitions. Nippers complete a range of surf certificates.
Under 8 – Surf Aware 1
Under 9 – Surf Aware 2 
Under 10 – Surf Safe 1
Under 11 – Surf Safe 2
Under 12 – Surf Smart 1
Under 13 – Surf Smart 2
Under 14 and above can then complete their surf rescue certificate and more. Children continue to develop their knowledge through surf club while taking part in surf sports. This is also a great way for parents to get involved as supporters of their children or you may choose to join our committee. As children move into seniors, they can take their competition and lifesaving further. After achieving your surf rescue certificate, members are able to patrol our beaches as a volunteer. Social membership is also an option. It should be noted that our club does not teach your child how to swim, every child besides the flippers age group needs to complete a swim proficiency to be able to enter the ocean at trainings.

For the 2019/20 season our registration day will be held on October 26th. For further questions and information, please do not hesitate to contact us via this link.  

More information can also be found on the Surf Life Saving Tasmania Site.

Registration Fees

Age Groups and Swimming Proficiencies 

Your child participates in the age group according to their age as of midnight on September 30th.

Flipper – A child who attends school but is not 7 years old by September 30th
Under 8 – 1st October 2011 to 30th September 2012
Under 9 – 1st October 2010 to 30th September 2011
Under 10 – 1st October 2009 to 30th September 2010
Under 11 – 1st October 2008 to 30th September 2009
Under 12 – 1st October 2007 to 30th September 2008
Under 13 – 1st October 2006 to 30th September 2007
Under 14 – 1st October 2005 to 30th September 2006

It is a requirement of Surf Life Saving Australia for nippers to participate in water activities they must complete the swimming proficiencies listed below;

Proficiency Swim (Pool)
To Compete in Carnivals
Under 6 (Flipper)
Under 7 (Flipper)
Under 8
25m Swim (any stroke)
​1 minute survival float
Under 9
25m Swim (any stroke)
​1 minute survival float
150m Open Water Swim
Under 10
25m Swim (freestyle)
​1.5 minute survival float
150m Open Water Swim
Under 11
50m Swim (freestyle)
2 minute survival float
200m Open Water Swim
Under 12
100m Swim (freestyle)
2 minute survival float
200m Open Water Swim
Under 13
150m Swim (freestyle)
​3 minute survival float
200m Open Water Swim
Under 14 (SRC)
200m Swim in less than 5 minutes (freestyle)
​3 minute survival float
200m Open Water Swim + A Short Run