New on-line Port Sorell SLSC COVID-19 Register

We’ve introduced a new on-line COVID-19 registration form which is available now for use by anybody attending the club.

EVERYBODY who attends the club MUST complete the sign-in form, either online, or using one of the paper registers at the entrance to the club.

The form can be found at

Why do we have to sign in?

The Tasmanian Government’s Public Health COVID-19 directions require that we maintain a register of all people that enter our facilities for contact tracing purposes in the unlikely event of a coronavirus outbreak. The club is required to keep a list of all visitors to our “workplace”, which also includes the beach when we come together for training.

To date, we have been using the paper sign-in registers at the club entrances. As we enter our summer training period, and the numbers participating in training swell, the paper-based approach will cause congestion in the club and possible delays to the commencement of training.

To overcome this, we have introduced an on-line sign-in form to meet our COVID-19 obligations. The form is designed to be accessed on a mobile phone, so members and visitors can register when they arrive, or even before you leave home. The form is designed to allow family groups to be registered together.

The form will also be available via the Port Sorell SLSC Team app. We’ll have more on this closer to the start of the season.

Members may like to bookmark the link on their mobile device, or save a short-cut to their Home Screen, so the form is easily accessible for training.