2020/21 Age Managers

Nipper Age Managers

Age Managers use their experience and passion for youth development to mentor Nippers and facilitate fun learning programs that encourage and develop young surf lifesavers. Their goal is to enrich the lives of Nippers through the delivery of surf lifesaving knowledge and skills in a fun and safe aquatic environment.

Our Age Managers work alongside our club coaches, and across the age groups, to develop our Nippers’ surf sport skills.  The Coaches assist generally across the surf sport portfolio, or as specialists in their chosen discipline, eg. boards, ski, etc.

Junior Activities Managers

Junior Activities Manager

Assistant Junior Activities Manager

Flippers - U6 & U7

Nippers - U8 & U9

Nippers - U10 & U11

U10 & U11 Age Manager

U10 & U11 Age Manager

Nippers - U12 & U13


Patrol Captain & Water Safety Supervisor

Water Safety Supervisor